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EWMA2019 will yet again have an AtypicalWounds Session by Kirsi Isoherranen, Joachim Dissemond, Jürg Hafner & Ste… ttps://t.co/6RbIhdbC84

16 Jan, 02:52

EWMA2019 programme is coming together! We have just confirmed following keynote speakers for the Atypical Woundsttps://t.co/QiNfyMfAxE

15 Jan, 10:46

New research centre SWaTRCSI focus on pressureulcerprevention & PUmanagement for research outcomes to inform cli… ttps://t.co/J2hplUwJ5H

10 Jan, 11:34

Final announcement for the #EWMA2019 Conference can be downloaded here

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