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EWMA is involved in several EU funded projects. Our role in the horizon programme projecs is typically related to dissemination, stakeholder engagement, and exploitation of technologies developed within the project. 

Read more about our involvement in on-going projects below, or contact us via to request EWMA involvement in a funding application.


Funding progamme: EU Horizon Europe – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Doctoral Network grant

DIALECT aims to combat diabetic foot disease through personalised medicine, by establishing an innovative, international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral research and training effort that will deliver the next generation of leading, entrepreneurial and creative scientists to reinforce the European innovative workforce.

EWMA is involved as an ‘associated partner’ in the project. 


Funding programme: Erasmus+

This project aims to support increased knowledge and awareness about wound care among health care students via online training courses, webinars, and workshops, and to develop the wound care skills among health care professionals via simulation training, virtual reality training, and the development of e-learning resources.
Another core goal of the project is to develop wound care guidelines and standards that can be used by healthcare professionals to provide standardized and evidence-based wound care. EWMA is involved in a consultant role and will review the resources developed in connection with the project.


Funding programme: EU4Health Programme & the member states

EU-JAMRAI 2 is a four-year project (2024-2027) aiming at supporting the 30 Member States and associated countries in developing and updating their National Action Plan (NAP) on antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The project will propose concrete measures to strengthen the implementation of efficient, evidence-based, and sustainable policies to tackle AMR and healthcare-associated infections (HAI) in line with the One Health perspective. It focuses on several key areas, including antimicrobial stewardship (AMS), surveillance, awareness raising, capacity building, infection prevention and control (IPC), and behavioral science. Over the next four years, EU-JAMRAI 2, together with its partners and stakeholders, will work together to support the national health systems in protecting people from AMR following the One Health approach. EU-JAMRAI 2 is funded by the member states and by the EU4Health Program of the European Union.


Funding programme: EU Horizon Europe

EWMA is part of the research project FORCE REPAIR which aims to advance chronic wound management by developing a smart, multifunctional, and cost-effective 3D-printed wound dressing to help control bacterial infection and inflammation. The novel biomaterials-based therapy will relieve skin tension and stimulate healing by combining innovative biocompatible technologies with pro-regenerative active ingredients. By providing a prolonged regenerative effect over at least 15 days, the new wound dressing will significantly decrease the daily frequency of nurse attention to change the dressing and lead to a healed wound with a low probability of opening again.

The project brings together a multidisciplinary team of 14 partners from 7 European member states to share and coordinate efforts, knowledge, and wound management expertise. The consortium represents experts from the fields of biological, cellular, and immunology mechanisms, biomaterials design, 3D additive manufacturing, digitalization, regulation, and business. Over the next four years, the project will receive a total funding of more than 5 Mio EUR from the European Union’s “Horizon Europe” funding programme for research and innovation.

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