Journal of Wound Management

Official journal of the European Wound Management Association

The Journal of Wound Management (JWM) is the official journal of EWMA and publishes original, peer reviewed scientific papers. All articles have free access and full issues are available for free download.

Journal of Wound Management is indexed in Scopus, CINAHL, Ebsco, InfoRMIT and Google Scholar and provides peer-reviewed original scientific articles, reviews, clinical information and  information about developments in wound management across Europe. 

The ISSN number for the Journal of Wound Management is 2788-5771.

Author guidelines

Please follow the instructions on the website. If you have any difficulties with online submission, or with any of the guidelines below, please discuss the matter with the Journal of Wound Management Secretariat, tel: +45 70 20 03 05.

Editorial board

All editorial decisions regarding the Journal of Wound Management are made by the editorial board. More detailed information about the board can be found here. 

How to successfully publish

EWMA and the Journal of Wound Management present this webinar on how to successfully publish an article for a scientific journal. Learn from experienced speakers, Georgina Gethin, Sebastian Probst, Duygu Sezgin and John Ivory on topics such as open access and open science, preparation of an article, timeline, submission and peer review process, response to reviewers and promotion of a paper.

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