Journal of Wound Management – July Issue out now

The latest issue of the Journal of Wound Management is available online.

The July 2024 issue of the Journal of Wound Management presents seven new articles on wound management from around the world. In her editorial, journal editor Georgina Gethin raises a worry about predatory journals and emphasises that the Journal of Wound Management meets the standards of open science:⁠

“Predatory journals are a threat to all […] Such journals and publishers are not in keeping with best Open Science or Open Scholarship practices. Open Scholarship is the practice of research, education, and knowledge exchange in such a way that others can collaborate and contribute, where research publications, data, lab notes, and other scholarly processes and works are properly and ethically managed and evaluated and, unless restricted for justifiable reasons, are freely available to all levels of society under terms that enable reuse, redistribution, and reproduction of the work and its underlying data and methods.”

The July issue also features two supplements: EWMA Document on Negative Wound Pressure Therapy and EWMA 2024 Conference Abstracts.

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