eHealth in wound care

In light of the increased need to be able to manage patients on distance, caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns, EWMA has decided to focus on supporting the implementation of telemedicine and telehealth services in wound management. 

The EWMA Telemedicine Project includes a number of activities, aiming to provide guidance and support knowledge sharing about telemedicine in wound management in Europe and across the world. 

Below you can find an overview of current and previous EWMA initiatives supporting these aims.

Minimum dataset/criteria

During the Joint EWMA Journées Cicatrisations Virtual Conference, EWMA will initiate a discussion about the content of a minimum dataset for use in teleconsultations and collection of data in wound management.

EWMA finds that data collection is an important opportunity related to establishment of telemedicine services, and wish to engage in the development of a common European dataset to support comparable data across Europe. 

Below you can find two examples of dataset applied in France and Switzerland. Join the virtual conference netoworking session and let us know what you think about this.

Available EWMA resources

Please note that you need to log into the EWMA Knowledge Centre to access these materials. This is free of charge. To be sent directly to the materials, please log in first and then press the links below.

Overview document by EWMA and Wounds Australia

As a deliverable for the United4health project, EWMA has published a document on eHealth in wound care: “eHealth in Wound Care – Overview and Key Issues to Consider Before Implementation

The document was written in collaboration with Wounds Australia.

The document includes an introduction to terminology, a method for evaluation of eHealth solutions, an overview of available evidence, a discussion about the barriers and facilitators for the use of eHealth in wound care, and a road map for implementation in clinical practice.

The role of telemedicine in wound management during COVID-19

EWMA Council Member, Luc Teot has written an article on Telemedicine and Opportunities in Wound Care. An Overview of Solutions for Beginners. According to Teot, “Telemedicine should be considered as the best way to prevent contamination during the COVID-19 outbreak and provide the relevant care to chronic wound patients”. 

In France, telemedicine was included in the public health code in October 2010. In this article, Luc Teot shares the French experience with implementing telemedicine in wound care and discusses some challenges and solutions in detail. 

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