EWMA 2019, 5-7 June

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ELCOS Education panel discussing EWMA Wound Curricula for Nurses at the 10th International Ulcers and Wounds Forum… ttps://t.co/y9EHeZxEUR

22 Mar, 02:47

EWMA2019 key session Surgical Treatment of Chronic Wounds will focus on the interdisciplinary collaboration to re… ttps://t.co/iJc3ZyeHp4

22 Mar, 11:10

Meet oxygen therapy experts Robert Frykberg, USA, Marc Augsburger, Switzerland, and Jacek Kot, Poland, at this year… ttps://t.co/NPQkVUbklT

21 Mar, 04:04

Final announcement for the #EWMA2019 Conference can be downloaded here

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