EWMA Teacher Network


The EWMA Education Committee has established a network for wound management teachers in Europe. This initiative arose from initial activities related to the EWMA Teach the Teacher Project which included Pan-European surveys and focus group interviews of education providers and teachers. These surveys uncovered a desire by teachers for greater support in their teaching of wound management.

The primary objectives of the network are:

  • To increase collaboration on objectives, structure and content of future wound management education and training in Europe;
  • To explore the possibilities for establishing a sustainable life-long learning training programme for nurse teachers.

The EWMA Teacher Network meets once annually during the EWMA Conference.

Current & recent projects

Publication of a EWMA Wound curriculum for nurses for EQF level 4
  • A working group established by the Teacher Network has produced a wound curriculum for student nurses. The curriculum content is based on a 3-step Delphi process to define the topics to be included in a new curriculum targeting EQF level 4. 
  • The group behind the curriculum included Elisabeth Lindahl (Project co-chair), Pedro Luis Pancorbo (Project co-chair) Hidalgo, Samantha Holloway (Education Committee Chair), Luc Gryson, Andrea Pokorná, Paul Bobbink, Karen Ousey, Raymond Samuriwo. 

Validation of the EWMA wound curriculum for nurses (EQF level 7)
  • The network collaborated on an online survey which seeked to understand the current provision of Skin Health and Wound Management teaching as part of the current standard curriculum for undergraduate nurses across Europe. This survey was the first part of a wider European research project into Skin Health and Wound Management education for undergraduate nurses that is being undertaken by members of the network. The final phase of the project is to gather data on the experiences of student nurses in relation to Skin Health/Skin Integrity and Wound Management during their training to gauge how well prepared they feel for managing individuals with wounds.The survey is initiated and led by the EWMA Teacher Network Chair, Samantha Holloway. Read more about the project.

Want to join?

EWMA hopes that the network will continue to attract teachers from many different countries and institutions, as active participation by all relevant institutions is crucial in ensuring that all views and needs are addressed.

Teachers interested in joining the network are kindly asked to contact the EWMA Secretariat by e-mail cj@ewma.org or phone +45 70 20 03 05.

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