Resources for wound management students

Are you a nurse or physician working to specialise within the field of wound management? Great! You are really needed and wound management is an interesting job area with a lot of potential careers pathways. In this section, we provide an overview of the resources and initiatives that may be relevant for you. 

Your overview of resources...

Have a look at the resources and activities suitable for students in wound management listed below

  • Browse through our resource library to identify relevant publications, e-learning modules or recorded webinars that may be useful in your self-studies. Most of the available resources are in English, but you will also find some materials available in the other major European languages (French, German, Italian and Spanish) and, in a few cases, even in additional languages.   
  • Join one of the EWMA Masterclasses, or search for other relevant courses in the events section
  • Have a look at the face to face and e-learning courses endorsed by EWMA and consider joining/completing these if relevant for your education or training goals.
  • Check out the EWMA e-learning modules. The modules are regularly updated and we are continuously working on new modules on various topics. 

Are you #ProudToMakeADifference?

EWMA seeks to illuminate the impactful world of wound care and the dedication of healthcare workers within it. 

Since January, healthcare professionals across the world have been sharing their stories of why they are proud to make a difference creating awareness of the many everyday people working in wound care.

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