EWMA Masterclasses

EWMA Masterclasses are immersive educational experiences designed to elevate the expertise of healthcare professionals in the field of wound management. 

EWMA Masterclasses

EWMA Masterclasses take place in connection with the annual EWMA conference and are held one day before the official conference start. These specialised events bring together leading experts, clinicians, and healthcare professionals to delve deeply into specific aspects of wound care.

The carefully curated programme includes insightful presentations and hands-on workshops, allowing attendees to gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in specific areas such as the correct use of compression therapy, advanced wound care techniques, and the latest developments in the field. The interactive learning environment promotes collaboration, networking, and the exchange of best practices. 

The choice of small groups of participants fosters meaningful interactions, personalised learning experiences, and a collaborative atmosphere. This setting encourages participants to actively engage with experts, share experiences with peers, and build valuable professional connections.

With a commitment to continuous professional development, the EWMA masterclasses seeks to empower healthcare professionals to enhance their clinical practice, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes.

Previous Masterclasses

EWMA Masterclass on atypical wounds​

The atypical wounds masterclass aims to support a good understanding of the various types of atypical wounds. Participants will be introduced to  differential diagnosis of atypical wounds, etiological treatment, local management, and interdisciplinary treatment approaches, and will gain insight into commonly encountered challenges when diagnosing and managing atypical wounds. Finally, you will have the opportunity to discuss clinical cases with the teachers as well as other participants. 

EWMA Masterclass on compression therapy

This masterclass builds on the success of last year’s masterclass and will provide you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience regarding the correct use of compression therapy.

In this masterclass, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in compression therapy techniques and best practices across Europe, via participating in carefully designed workshops and insightful presentations by leading experts in the field.

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