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Pressure Ulcers Special Issue 2025

Journal of Wound Management Special Issue 2025 Pressure Ulcer / injury

Guest Editors: Andrea Pokorná (Czech Republic), Beata Gress Halasz (Slovakia)

In 2025, the Journal of Wound Management (JWM) will publish a special issue focusing on pressure ulcer/injury.

Pressure ulcers/injuries are considered indicators of quality of care and their prevalence is often reported as an adverse event. Thus, pressure ulcers/injuries negatively reflect the quality of care and patient´s lives. Despite advances in the knowledge and management of pressure ulcer/injury in recent times, the incidence, cost, burden, and suffering on patients and their caregivers is considerable.

The Journal of Wound Management has planned this special issue on pressure ulcer/injury prevention and management to provide an opportunity for researchers, clinicians and education providers to inform the professional and scientific community about the latest advances in the field. This special issue will navigating the nexus of medical staffing challenges, competencies, resource management, incidence and prevalence data, facilitators, barriers, and solutions for quality management, management of risks, prevention and treatment practices, education of professionals as well as patients and lay public, patients´ perspectives, adherence and compliance to preventive and treatment regimen in order to strengthen knowledge and support practice.

The special issue guest editors welcome submissions of the highest scientific quality. We welcome systematic reviews, experiments and quasi-experiments, observational studies, and case reports focusing on new findings, reviews, improvement projects and educational outcomes.

Authors are welcome to contact one of the guest editors to discuss whether their work is suitable for this special issue before submitting their work.

All submissions will be subject to double blind peer review and will be published in July 2025.

Deadline for submissions

1 February 2025


Questions? Please contact the editiorial office at

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