EWMA Curricula

EWMA has published several curricula aiming to standardise education of physicians and nurses involved in wound management.
Recently, a curriculum for student nurses (pre-registration) was added. 

You can read more and download these curricula below.

Wound management curriculum for student nurses - EQF level 4

This curriculum presents a framework and key content on skin integrity and wound care that is recommended for inclusion in student nurse curricula (general nurse education). With this curriculum, EWMA aims to provide a starting point for increased and standardised education in wound care.

The EQF level 4 curriculum was published as a supplement to the Journal of Wound Management in December 2021. 

Authors: Elisabeth Lindahl, Samantha Holloway (Education Committee Chair), Paul Bobbink, Luc Gryson, Andrea Pokorná, Karen Ousey, Raymond Samuriwo, Pedro Luis Pancorbo Hidalgo

Download the Curriculum for nurses EQF level 4 here (Free of charge)

Wound management curriculum for post registration qualification of nurses

In the period 2017-2020, EWMA has published on a series of European curricula for post registration qualification of nurses.

The aim of this initiative is to support more standardised content in the existing and future educational programmes used in levels 5-7 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). 

The curricula have been published as online supplements to the Journal of Wound Care. 

EWMA works towards a close collaboration with European nurse organisations as well as educational institutions to implement these common curricula.

Wound curriculum - EQF level 7

The EQF level 7 curriculum was published July 2020. 

Authors: Samantha Holloway, Andrea Pokorná, Alexandra H.J. Janssen, Karen Ousey, Sebastian Probst

Download the Curriculum for nurses EQF level 7 here (Free of charge)

Wound curriculum - EQF level 6

The EQF level 6 curriculum was published in February 2019. 

Authors: Sebastian Probst, Samantha Holloway, Sara Rowan, Andrea Pokornà,

Download the Curriculum for nurses EQF level 6 here (Free of charge)

Wound curriculum - EQF level 5

The EQF Level 5 curriculum was published in December 2017.

Authors: Andrea Pokorná, Samantha Holloway, Robert Strohal, Ida Verheyen-Cronau

Download the Curriculum for nurses EQF level 5 here (Free of charge)


Translated versions, curriculum EQF level 5

Wound healing curriculum for physicians

In Spring 2014, a EWMA working group developed a curriculum for physicians involved in wound care, with the aim to ensure that they have a sufficient level of expertise within the area to provide efficient and safe treatment of their patients. The curriculum was submitted for adoption by the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) in April 2015.

Download the Curriculum for physicians here >>



Implementation of the EWMA Wound Curricula


In this episode of the EWMA podcasts, Samantha Holloway, Chair of the EWMA Education Committee and Teacher Network, speaks to Sebastian Probst and Ida Verheyen-Cronau about the standardisation of the wound education in Europe. Both podcast guests share their experience in implementation of the EWMA level 5 and 6 post-registration curricula for nurses in Switzerland and Germany. 


In this open access article, you can read about in implementation of the EWMA Wound Curricula targeting EQF levels 5 and 6 into an existing E-Learning and Blended-Learning Program in Wound Care for Undergraduate Nursing Students in Switzerland. 


Working groups

Wound Curriculum for Student Nurses
EQF level 4

  • Elisabeth Lindahl (Sweden)
  • Samantha Holloway (UK)
  • Paul Bobbink (Switzerland)
  • Luc Gryson (Belgium)
  • Karen Ousey (UK)
  • Andrea Pokorna (Czech Republic)
  • Raymond Samuriwo (UK)
  • Pedro Luis Pancorbo Hidalgo (Spain)

Wound Curriculum for Nurses EQF level 5 

  • Andrea Pokorna (Czech Republic)
  • Samantha Holloway (UK)
  • Robert Strohal (Austria)
  • Ida Verheyen-Cronau (Germany)
  • Sebastian Probst (Switzerland)
  • Sara Rowan (Italy)

Wound Curriculum for Nurses EQF level 6

  • Sebastian Probst (Switzerland)
  • Samantha Holloway (UK)
  • Sara Rowan (Italy)
  • Andrea Pokorna (Czech Republic)


Wound Curriculum for Nurses EQF level 7

  • Samantha Holloway (UK)
  • Andrea Pokorna (Czech Republic)
  • Alexandra H. J. Janssen (The Netherlands)
  • Karen Ousey (UK)
  • Sebastian Probst (Switzerland)


For more information about this initiative, please contact the EWMA Secretariat, ewma@ewma.org