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EWMA Podcasts is a monthly podcast series hosted by the European Wound Management Association. Listen to conversations with leading health care professionals from across the world touching upon important topics within wound management.



The podcast series touches upon important topics within wound management. EWMA Podcasts are a place for discussion and learning, where you can also hear more about the work of other experts and peers in your field. The podcast can easily be fitted in the busy life of wound management professionals, as you can listen to them on the go and access them from your mobile phone.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the EWMA Podcasts. If you are interested in more information please contact: Julie Bjerregaard,

Upcoming EWMA Podcasts

We look forward to inviting our listeners to join our December 2021 Podcast series on the theme:  

Reflections on 30 years of the European Wound Management Association: Embracing change and moving forwards

This series of podcasts will explore the changes in clinical practice, research and education that EWMA has been part of through the experience of past and current EWMA Presidents as well as Council Members. The topics will include:

  • Change in wound management: What has changed since EWMA was established in 2021
  • Since the EWMA 25 Anniversary in 2016 – what has changed? 
  • Wound education on the move – goals and challenges in the last 30 years
  • After COVID-19 – how did the crisis change wound management across Europe

As always, our podcast host will be Samantha Holloway. Names of the guests will be announced soon at this site. 

Listen to the lastest episode

Patient Engagement, Diabetes and Diabetic Foot Ulcers


In this episode, you can listen to a conversation between the EWMA Podcast Host Samantha Holloway and Dr Athanasios Hassoulas, director of the MSc in Psychiatry programme and Senior Lecturer in Psychological Medicine at Cardiff University. They will talk about the meaning and impact of patient engagement and empowerment in relation to diabetes and diabetic foot ulcer management. The podcast provides reflections on the topic as well as recommendations on how to implement these person-centred tools in your meetings with diabetic foot ulcer patients in you daily clinical practice. 


By listening to this episode, you will learn about:

  • The concepts of ‘patient engagement’ and ‘patient empowerment’ in disease management
  • The concept of self-efficacy and how it relates that to an individual with diabetes, and in particular  to an individual with a diabetic foot ulcer?
  • Main reasons for disengagement of individuals with diabetes and /or diabetic foot ulcers in their care? 
  • The strategies or approaches clinicians may use to facilitate patient empowerment and engagement in their treatment / management? For example, 
    • What role does concordance and shared-decision making have in supporting individuals as co-producers of their health? 
    •  How can non-specialist healthcare professionals engage in the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers?
  • The use of the terminology ‘adherence’ and ‘compliance to treatment’ in relation to patient engagement and empowerment. 
  • The concept of health literacy and its impact on patients with diabetes and diabetic foot ulcers. 
  • Methods and tools that can be used in clinical practice to improve care of patients with diabetes and diabetic foot ulcers.


Podcast host:

Samantha Holloway, Reader and Programme Director in the Centre for Medical Education, School of Medicine based at the College of Life and Biomedical Sciences at Cardiff University in the UK


Podcast guest:

Dr Athanasios Hassoulas, Director of the MSc in Psychiatry programme and Senior Lecturer in Psychological Medicine at Cardiff University, Wales, UK


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What is person-centred care and why is it so important in wound management?


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