WCS Knowledge Centre Wound Care

Original Name:

Kenniscentrum Wondzorg



Contact info and web site:

E-mail: info@wcs.nl

Website: www.wcs.nl

Name of President:

Rene M. Baljon, President for 20 years

Executive Board/Council:

Dick van Duijn, secretary
Conny Keijzer, treasurer
Joke Campo, oncological ulcers and coordinator WCS Academy
Karin Timm, ulcus cruris and final editing
Veronique Oostendorp, diabetic feet
Patricia van Mierlo, surgical wounds and fistulas
Peter Quataert, pressure ulcers
Rob van Komen, burns
Jessica Bakker, dermatology

Cooperating Organisation board representative:


Peter Quataert

Articles in EWMA Journal:

No. of Members:



Year of foundation:


Main purpose/objective of the association:

Knowledge Exchange


WCS Nieuws, four times a year.

Editor: Karin Timm (karin@wcs.nl)


• Bi-Annual publication of WCS Wondenboek, education book on wound care (1000 per year sold|)
• Four times per year WCS Magazine. Circulation 2200 pieces, spread in the Netherlands and Belgium.(about 18.000 readers)
• Bi-Annual WCS Congress, 1900 participants
• Website www.wcs.nl (8000 visitors per month)
• E-mail newsletter to more than 20.000 professionals and organizations (at least once per month)
• WCS Academy, all kind of educational programs, such as masterclasses, Training programs, etc. (700 participants per year)