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Healthcare professionals can send their questions to EWMA’s email address at ewma@ewma.org and get an answer on critical aspects related to the epidemic and wound care. These questions will be answered by the experts linked to EWMA (EWMA Council, EWMA Cooperating Organisations). 

The role of telemedicine in wound management during COVID-19

EWMA Council Member, Luc Teot has written an article on the Telemedicine and Opportunities in Wound Care. An Overview of Solutions for Beginners. According to Teot, “Telemedicine should be considered as the best way to prevent contamination during COVID-19 outbreak and provide the relevant care to chronic wound patients”. 

In France, telemedicine was included in the public health code in October 2010. In this article, Luc Teot shares the French experience with implementing telemedicine in wound care and discusses some challenges and solutions in details. 


Other materials about eHealth in wound care

EWMA has collated materials about telemedicine/eHealth published by EWMA and other organisations specialised in eHealth or wound management. 

The materials include guidelines as well as descriptions of experiences with the use of telemedicine/eHealth services in wound management. 

Find the materials here