The EWMA History

EWMA was established in 1991 as a not for profit charity organisation registered in the UK.

One of the founding principles was that EWMA would be inclusive across professions and countries, and so it has remained. Since the beginning, EWMA has welcomed nurses, doctors with various relevant specialities, as well as other professionals (e.g. micro-biologists and psychologists) into the EWMA Council. The international collaboration has also continued to developed.

Since its establishment EWMA has grown to become a real European umbrella organisations with close links to most of the national wound management associations in Europe as well as extended collaboration with sister societies or related organisations in other parts of the world.

On these pages you can dig into our historical archives as well as learn more about the history of EWMA. For more information, we suggest that you have a look at the materials produced in connection with the 25th anniversary of EWMA in 2016.