Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) and our knowledge about the efficacy of the treatment has evolved since EWMA published the NPWT document in 2017. In this new publication, EWMA will describe the available NPWT technologies and applications and provide hands-on clinical guidance on the use of NPWT. 

The new publication will include solutions such as reticulated open cell foam dressings with through holes with NPWT, as well as disposable NPWT and NPWT combined with compression.

Further, the new NPWT document will address the use of NPWT in community care settings and in connection with telemedicine services. The need for and value of these solutions have been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic and EWMA believes these will remain a central part of effective wound management, also in the future.


With this new publication, EWMA aims to:

  • Provide practical guidance based on the newest evidence and clinical practise
  • Highlight the technological advances and new usage areas
  • Highlight the challenges and opportunities related to the clinical application of all the available NPWT solutions
  • Explore and describe the role of NPWT in the provision of telemedicine services in wound management.

Author group

  • Editor: Luc Téot (FR)
  • Editor: Christian Willy (DE)
  • Author: Ann-Mari Fagerdahl (SE)
  • Adviser: Jan Apelquist (SE)

Project timeline

  • Project initiation: 2021
  • Expected publication: May 2024
  • Launch: EWMA 2024 Conference

Project supporters

This project is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from:

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