Leg Oedema Management

Development of a practical guide for diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of leg oedema.

This document will expand on existing treatments in leg oedema while reflecting clinical reality in different countries. The aim is to develop a practical guide for accurate diagnosis, effective treatment options including surgical solutions, compression therapy and ongoing management.

This document is developed in collaboration with the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF).

Author group

  • Chair: Mark Collier (UK)
  • Co-chair: Christine Moffatt (UK)
  • Author: Minna Hellgren (FI)
  • Author: Kirsi Isoherranen (FI)
  • Author: Heli Lagus (FI)

Project timeline

  • Project initiation: December 2023
  • Project kick-off: January 2024
  • Expected publication: March 2025 (EWMA 2025)

Project supporters

This project is supported by:

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