Home Care - Wound Care

Updated recommendations with focus on family caregivers and related intervention challenges. 

The primary deliverable of this project is a EWMA tool kit on the topic ‘Home care – Wound care’, including a set of evidence-based and/or best practice-based resources specifically designed for patients and private care givers or primary care staff who provide wound care in the patient’s home. 

The project will include topics such as prevalence/epidemiology, organisation of wound care, patient assessment and clinical decision making. Further focus areas are pain management, nutritional advise, and technological advances in the home care setting.

Because there is a limited evidence base in this area, the recommendations included in the tool kit will be based on a simple literature review as well as best practice recommendations.

Author group

  • Editor: Sebastian Probst, Switzerland
  • Editor: Dimitri Beeckman, Belgium
  • Author: Georgina Gethin, Ireland
  • Author: Samantha Holloway, Wales UK
  • Author: Ana Lamza, Croatia
  • Author: Paulo Ramos, Portugal
  • Author: Alexandre Rodrigue, Portugal

Project timeline

  • Project initiation: January 2024
  • Project kick-off: April/May 2024
  • Expected publication: Running, with finalisation March 2025 (EWMA 2025)

Project supporters

This project is supported by:

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