Cold Plasma

– An emerging technology for clinical use in wound healing

Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) potentially represents a new, sustainable, cost-effective advanced therapy. Therefore, it is a primary aim for the document to investigate the barriers for the uptake of CAP as a routine clinical therapy in wound healing and provide recommendations on how these barriers may be overcome in addition to contribute to the general awareness of CAP among clinicians and the development of safe and efficient solutions for the delivery of the therapy.

This document aims to investigate the potentials of CAP therapy for healing and/or disinfection of wounds and the barriers for the introduction into routine clinical use. Non-clinical applications are out of scope for the document. A crucial barrier for CAP to be implemented is to fulfill regulations. Regulatory aspects are thus a key component. The focus is on chronic and infected wounds, but acute wounds will be dealt with as well.


With this new publication, EWMA aims to:

  • Contribute to the general awareness of CAP among clinicians
  • Discuss the clinical perspectives of CAP in wound healing
  • Review emerging CAP therapies (preclinical/clinical)
  • Discuss safety of devices delivering CAP therapy
  • Discuss endpoints for CAP therapies and devices in wound healing needed for regulatory approval
  • Provide recommendations for future use of CAP

Author group

  • Editor: Jan Apelqvist
  • Author: Adam Bennett
  • Author: Antoine Rousseau
  • Author: Bouke Boekema
  • Author: Edwin den Braber
  • Author: Endre Szili
  • Author: Ewa Stürmer
  • Author: Lars Böckmann
  • Author: Rob Short
  • Author: Sander Bekeschus
  • Author: Steffen Emmert
  • Author: Thomas von Woedtke


Project timeline

  • Project initiation: January 2023
  • Project kick-off: February 2023
  • Expected publication: May 2024 (EWMA 2024)

Project supporters

This project is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from:

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