Wound Management for Health Care Professionals

EWMA e-learning course Wound Management for Health Care Professionals offers a comprehensive and easy to follow introduction into basic wound management with a combination of theory and practice. It was developed by the members of the EWMA Education Committee and affiliated wound care specialists.The course is tailored for health care professionals and medical students with no specialization in wound management.


These e-learning modules targets healthcare professionals who do not have specialist education and training in the field.

The course was originally developed by members of EWMA Education Committee and/or affiliated wound care specialists 2019. The modules were updated in 2022.

These modules:

  • Offer a comprehensive and easy-to-follow introduction into wound management
  • Present a combination of theory and practical guidance
  • Include quizzes to help you assess your own knowledge.


  • To support a high level of care in organisations providing treatment and care for individuals with wounds, such as hospitals, nursing homes and home care units
  • To provide materials that may be used in wound management education.
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