The power of compression therapy in leg ulcer management

This webinar is part of the EWMA Compression Therapy programme that commenced in 2019 in collaboration with a broad variety of EWMA’s collaborating organisations across Europe. The webinar will take you through various aspects theory and application of compression therapy. The webinar was organised in collaboration with Legs Matter.


Legs Matter and the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) are pleased to invite health care professionals to a free of charge 1,5-hour introductory webinar about the recommendations, guidelines and practical circumstances for use of compression therapy in wound management.

The webinar is held in connection with the Compression Therapy Campaign initiated by EWMA in collaboration with Legs Matter coalition and other wound management societies across Europe.

Please download the webinar flyer here.

Feel free to share it with your colleagues!


  • Alison Hopkins
  • Joanne Casey
  • Kate Williams
  • Leanne Atkin
  • Sarah Gardner

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