Telemedicine – patient and staff education

The webinar focused on topics such as Patient education and the patient perspectives on the used of telemedicine and staff education and training.


The webinar featured the following topics:

  • Patient education and patient perspective linked to the use of telemedicine – Patricia Price, Professor of Burn Injury Research, Centre for Global Burn Injury Policy and Research, Swansea University and Emeritus Professor, Cardiff University, UK
  • Telemedicine – staff education and training – Annie Price, Specialist Registrar in Rehabilitation Medicine, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Cardiff, UK
  • Danish telemedicine model – staff and patient education – Klaus Kirketerp-Møller, MD, Consultant, Copenhagen Wound Healing Center, Bispebjerg University Hospital, Denmark, former chairman of Diabetic Foot Study Group (DFSG)

Moderator: Sebastian Probst, Professor of Tissue Viability and Wound Care. HES-SO University of Applied Science and Arts Western Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland.


  • Patricia Price
  • Annie Price

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