Skin injuries related to personal protective equipment (PPE). Prevention and management


This podcast episode will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the prevention and management of skin injuries related to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).This is a follow-up to the EWMA webinar we ran on the 30th April devoted to this topic. Due to a high volume of questions and level of interest that we have received during the webinar we have decided to follow-up with this podcast.  In this episode we will be answering some of the questions raised from the webinar. 


Some of the questions answered in this podcast:

  • For these healthcare professionals who work in a home care setting, what do you recommend in terms of PPE use?
  • What recommendations you would give for cleaning lesions caused by PPE? One of the webinar participants has asked whether it is possible to use a hypochlorous acid solution for this purpose?
  • Which kind of dressings healthcare professionals should be using as a preventive measure for PPE?
  • What are your recommendations for the prevention and management of hand dermatitis caused by PPE?
  • Do you have any experience in using any type of special textile material to minimize the secondary effects of using PPE in particular gloves or masks?


Guidelines on PPE mentioned in the podcast:

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Podcast host

Samantha Holloway

Elena Conde Montero
Karen Ousey
Kimberley LeBlanc

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