Negative pressure wound therapy

This document aims at providing an understanding of the implications of implementing NPWT as a treatment strategy in the health-care system as well as providing information and offer perspectives of NPWT from the viewpoints of health-care staff, policy makers, politicians, industry, patients and hospital administrators who are indirectly or directly involved in wound management.



To develop and publish a Guidance Document which as a minimum covers the following:

  • Inclusion of all three types of NPWT: on open wounds, with instillation and over closed incisions
  • Extensive coverage of specific factors and guidance in terms of treatment of wounds with different aetiologies and within different specialities
  • Organisation of NPWT with a focus on the cross-sectional possibilities and barriers including reim-bursement structures and implementation
  • Health economic aspects of the use of NPWT technology
  • Overview of evidence for the use of NPWT based on literature search

Authors & Editors

  • Jan Apelqvist (editor), MD, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Christian Willy (co-editor), MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery
  • Ann-Mari Fagerdahl, RN, CNOR, PhD
  • Marco Fraccalvieri, MD
  • Malin Malmsjö, MD, PhD, Professor
  • Alberto Piaggesi, MD, Professor
  • Astrid Probst, RN
  • Peter Vowden, MD, FRCS, Professor

Project Sponsors

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