Evidence and outcome measures


Project period: 2009–2010

The document “Outcomes in controlled and comparative studies on non healing wounds – Recommendations to improve quality of evidence in wound management” is written by Finn Gottrup, Jan Apelqvist and Patricia Price. It was published in the June 2010 issue of the Journal of Wound Care.

The initiative to produce this document was taken by the EWMA Patient Outcome Group (EWMA POG)

The document is summarized in a pixi version.

Document aim

The aim of the document is to provide recommendations on the accepted level of rigour for studies in wound management and to develop a consistent and reproducible approach to define, evaluate and measure appropriate and adequate outcomes in RCTs as well as clinical studies.

The document provide statements on how to improve evaluations of new treatment strategies with regards to outcome to meet the need for evidence based information in wound management. It also describes the particular considerations that have to be recognised when evaluating treatment strategies in non healing wounds.

Authors & Editors

  • F. Gottrup, MD, DMSci, Professor of Surgery, Chair of the EWMA Patient Outcome Group
  • J. Apelqvist, MD, PhD, Senior Consultant, Associate Professor, Executive member of the EWMA Patient Outcome Group
  • P. Price, PhD, CHPsychol, Dean and Head of School of Healthcare Studies, Executive member of the EWMA Patient Outcome Group
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