Atypical wounds

This document provides an overview of recent knowledge and evidence about atypical wounds, defined as wounds that cannot be placed in the primary categories of non-healing wounds.


The document provides an overview about wounds considered atypical, and present the diagnostic criteria, comorbidities and diagnostic tools for these wounds. The document present the avaliable best documented treatment options and the various treament options of these wounds.

The aim of the document is to:

  • Present the diagnostic criteria, comorbidities and diagnostic tools for wounds defined as atypical, including practical hints for health professionals.
  • Present the best available documented current treatment options. High-quality evidence is sparse, but there are retrospective and observational studies as well as some randomised prospective studies.

Authors & Editors

  • Kirsi Isoherranen (Editor), Finland
  • Julie Jordan O’Brien (Co-editor), Ireland
  • Judith Barker, Australia
  • Joachim Dissemond Germany
  • Jûrg Hafner, Switzerland
  • Gregor Jemec, Denmark
  • Jivko Kamarachev, Switzerland
  • Severin Läuchli, Switzerland
  • Elena Conde Montero, Spain
  • Stephan Nobbe, Switzerland
  • Cord Sunderkötter, Germany
  • Mar Llamas Velasco, Spain

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