Thoughts and dreams of the new President Elect

During the EWMA 2024 conference in London, Dimitri Beeckman was elected President Elect by the EWMA council. We have since asked Dimitri about his thoughts on his new role as President Elect.  


‘‘As I step into the role of President-Elect of the European Wound Management Association, I’m honored by the trust placed in me by the Executive Board and the Council. The journey thus far has been one of teamwork, driven by a shared commitment to advancing wound care in Europe and even globally. I extend my thanks to the previous Presidents for their accomplishments. 


I’m looking forward to what lies ahead. My vision for EWMA’s presidency is simple: unity, innovation, and inclusivity. Each individual’s perspective matters, and it’s through appreciating diverse expertise that we can advance in wound management. I will support innovation that truly benefits patients and advocate for evidence-supported practices as we move forward.  


We’re reshaping our approach to EWMA documents by prioritizing dynamism, implementation, and a person-centered focus. I look forward to learning about the impact of these innovative projects alongside all stakeholders. 


In my new role, I am even more committed to understanding the needs of patients, healthcare professionals, industry, and decision-makers, ensuring that EWMA’s work is guided by the principles of patient-centered care and clinical excellence.’’


The current President, Kirsi Ishorreanen, will continue her great work for EWMA for the next year until the next EWMA conference. Are you curious about the current president objectives? You can find more information about them and the EWMA organisation right here:  

In the picture from the left: EWMA Immediate Past President, Sebastian Probst, EWMA President, Kirsi Isoherranen, and President Elect, Dimitri Beeckman. 

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