2024 Leg Club Conference

The 2024 Leg Club conference “Do We Have Time To Care?” will be held on the 18th-19th Sept. An exciting programme of interactive workshops and expert speakers.
2024 Leg Club Conference (event format)

Stop! Wait! The NHS (National Health Service) is in rapid decline with population growth, an aging society, waiting times at record lengths! Do we have time to care?

Lower limb and leg ulcer related conditions can affect anyone, but it is the elderly that bear the brunt of the burden with one in fifty people over the age of 80 having a leg ulcer. Last year the NHS managed an estimated 2.2 million patients with a wound, equivalent to 4.5% of the adult population and the annual cost of £5.3 billion. Over half of leg ulcers treated by the NHS in the UK each year were classified as ‘unspecified’ – without being able to understand the underlying cause, decisions cannot be made on the best course of treatment for patients. There is no reason for this inconsistency, or treatment where the concerns and priorities of our patients are not being addressed. Enough is enough! The time has come for us to act.

The Annual Leg Club conference will be held on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th September 2024. The venue is Worcestershire County Cricket Club, New Road, Worcester WR2 4QQ.

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