EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov

Activities of EWMA International Partner Organisations

EWMA International Partner Organisations came together for the 1st EWMA International Partner organisations meeting during the EWMA 2017 Amsterdam conference. One of the proposals made by the partner organisations was for EWMA to elaborate an overview of major activities currently being planned by the partner organisations and make this available on the EWMA website.

The overview, which currently includes the following activities, will be updated regularly.

Association Main contact person Activity Details of activity Where and when Opportunities for involvement
AAWC Victoria Elliott, CEO; velliott@aawconline.org Pressure Ulcer Summit: Interpretation and Clinical Application of Current Evidence for Management of Pressure Ulcers   February 8-9, 2019; Westin Atlanta Airport, USA Registration open for all
NZWCS   Wound Registry NZWCS want to engage with the NZ government to launch a Wound Registry in New Zealand - perhaps starting with 'Pressure Injuries'   Do any of the partners have a Wound Registry? Do they record all wounds? Do they have any tips for getting gov't engagement and launching a national 'Wound Registry'?
NZWCS   Development of a Wound Bed Preparation Guideline Advisory Group This group would provide expert advice on wound debridement and undertake projects in relation to improving standards for debridement in New Zealand Asking for Expressions of Interest at present Not at present time
NZWCS   NZWCS Conference 2019 National conference for all health professionals with an interest in Wound Care 2019 Abstracts are open to all. Speakers from all areas of Wound Care are considered as Keynote speakers at our conference
FIP Caroline Teugels Director@fip-ifp.org FIP World Congress Of Podiatry The FIP-IFP world congress of Poddiatry is a global event Cancun, Mexico, 31 October - 2 November 2019 Partner organisation can set up joint symposium initiatives