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The Eucomed Advanced Wound Care Sector Group

The Eucomed Advanced Wound Care Sector Group (AWCS) was established in 2007 as a sub group of Eucomed, the branch organisation for medical device companies in Europe. EWMA was engaged in the group in an advisory role in a number of years following the the establishement, representing the point of view of the clinicians in the group.

The Eucomed AWCS Group focused on issues such as health economy in wound care, European reimbursement regulation, evidence in wound care and political recognition of the specific conditions related to wound care.

By this collaboration, EWMA aimed to enhance the political role of the assocaition as well as extend the means available to generally support the developement of high quality wound management in Europe.

Further information:

Eucomed AWCS Policy Paper

Background document: Council Recommendation on patient safety

In collaboration with the Eucomed Advanced Wound Care Sector group (Eucomed AWCS), EWMA  took part in the publication of a paper in the Journal of Wound Care April 2009 on ‘The resource impact of wounds on health-care providers in Europe’, based on a screening of existing wound care studies in the European countries. The paper indicates the severe economic impact that problem wounds have on health care systems and underlines the need to create further evidence to support this.

The paper was published in the Journal of Wound Care, Vol 18, No 4, April 2009
Link to full article: www.journalofwoundcare.com

More information about Eucomed can be found at www.eucomed.org