EWMA Corporate A Sponsorship Agreement


Amount and conditions

40.000 EUR annually
(5% reduction per year after the first year, max 25% total)

Benefits of  Corporte A Sponsorship:


  •     Logo and acknowledgement of corporate sponsorships on all general EWMA materials
  •     Appointment as Corporate Sponsor of EWMA
  •     Large logos on website and link to company websites
  •     1/1 full page advert in each issue of the EWMA Journal and 20% discount on additional adverts
  •     Right to use EWMA Corporate A Sponsor logo in relation to own educational programmes (subject    to                   approval by the Scientific Committee of EWMA)
  •     Possibility to use EWMA Council members as lecturers/teachers in company seminars
  •     Invitation for two “sponsor meetings” a year
  •     Regular information on EWMA activities
  •     Right to receive EWMA analysis and reports
  •     1 half day management meeting a year with representative from EWMA Executive

Conference related:

  •     1st choice of space in exhibition area at the annual EWMA conferences
  •     First 12 sqm of exhibition space free of charge at the annual EWMA conferences
  •     20% reduction on the cost of additional sqm of exhibition space at the annual EWMA
  •     First option on satellite symposium (the Scientific Committee of EWMA decides the programme
             and timing)
  •     40% reduction on general fee for satellite symposia
  •     8 free delegates at the annual EWMA conference
  •     Option to register delegates at EWMA membership rates

For more information about EWMA Corporate Sponsorships, please contact the EWMA Secretariat at ewma@ewma.org