Become a sponsor of EWMA

Corporate Sponsors of EWMA have a unique opportunity to communicate their strategy and product information directly to the people who are interested in it and use it on a daily basis. Corporate sponsors of EWMA become part of a network that contains a large number of nurses, doctors and other health professionals working within wound care. Every year, all these people are brought together at the annual EWMA Conference.  

Partnership with EWMA
EWMA’s relationship with its Corporate Sponsors is one of mutual support and flexibility, as EWMA recognises the importance of collaboration with the industry in the development within wound care and wound management.

Corporate A Sponsorship and Corporate B Sponsorship
There are two levels of sponsorship; Corporate A Sponsorship and Corporate B sponsorship. A Sponsors have more benefits than B Sponsors and are generally more involved in EWMA activities. The Corporate B Sponsorship serves as a good introduction to what it means to be a sponsor of EWMA.

For more information about the Corporate A Sponsorship and the Corporate B Sponsorship, click on one of the links below or contact EWMA Secretariat at

  • EWMA Corporate A Sponsorship
  • EWMA Corporate B Sponsorship