Partnership Characteristics & Procedures

The partner organisations of EWMA are divided into three partnership categories:

  • EWMA Cooperating Organisation
  • EWMA International Partner Organisation
  • EWMA Associated Organisation

Different characteristics and benefits apply to each partner category. The widest-ranging level of collaboration exists with the EWMA Cooperating Organisations who, through the annual Cooperating Organisation's Board meeting, are entitled to present and elect members of the EWMA Council as well as to other specific benefits (see list below).

While the close relation between EWMA and the EWMA Cooperating Organisation is a key principle of vital importance to EWMA it also entails the need for clear and comprehensive procedures on the integration of new Cooperating Organisations into the EWMA family.


Recommended Principles of EWMA Cooperating Organisations

EWMA encourages the Cooperating Organisations to adhere to the following, basic principles:

  • Multidisciplinary approach aiming at:
    • Equal focus on and opportunity for membership for nurses and physicians and other specialists working within wound care;
    • Openness towards membership of representatives of different clinical professions.
  • Openness towards cooperation including financial support from a broad selection of industry partners;
  • Function and adhere to basic democratic organisational principles of:
    • Regular general assembly;
    • Regular democracy based elections for Council;
    • Transparency in relation to organisational and financial policies and actions.
  • Collaboration between all wound management associations in countries with two or more associations. In particular in terms of liaising with government health structures and national insurance companies, it may be considered an advantage to speak with one voice.


GUIDELINES: EWMA Cooperating Organisation

If you wish to become a EWMA Cooperating Organisation, please contact the EWMA Secretariat.

The Cooperating Organisations are the backbone of EWMA as the umbrella organisation for wound healing and management in Europe. As such, the Cooperating Organisations are the closest collaborating partners of EWMA.

Characteristics of a EWMA Cooperating Organisation

  • Official status as a non-profit organisation that focuses solely/primarily on wound care;
  • The organisation represents healthcare professionals;
  • The activities of the organisation are in principle limited to one country within Europe;
  • The objectives, constitution and ethical guidelines of the organisation do not conflict with any of the rules that govern EWMA.

Benefits of being a EWMA Cooperating Organisation

  • Entitled to appoint one representative for the EWMA Cooperating Organisation Board.
  • The Board representative is entitled to a free registration for the annual EWMA conference as well as a free, personal membership of EWMA.
  • Right to nominate and vote in election of candidates for the EWMA Council during the annual Cooperating Organisation Board meeting;
  • Right to an annual counselling meeting with a representative of EWMA;
  • Access to participate in EWMA committees and panels, education and research projects and other EWMA activities;
  • Reduced price of individual EWMA memberships for the members of your organisation (10 EUR annually).
  • The individual members of a EWMA Cooperating Organisation are allowed to register for the annual EWMA conference at the reduced EWMA membership price.
  • Reciprocal links on websites and right to present the organisation in the Cooperating Organisation section of the EWMA website;
  • Free, initial presentation (1 page) of the EWMA cooperating organisation in the EWMA Journal and possibility to profile your organisation in the EWMA Journal Electronic Supplement (on-line publication);
  • Free copies of the 3 annual issues of EWMA Journal for distribution to your members;
  • Possibility for free distribution of material at the EWMA booth during the annual EWMA conference.