The webinar was held live on: 10 March 2021


How can data help you and your patients?
Implementation of digital tools in Danish wound management

In this webinar you will meet three speakers involved in the organisation, use and development of the Danish solution for telemedicine in wound management. 
The Danish programme was developed as a national project based on the implementation of a joint registry and communication platform as well as common procedures in the years 2012-2015. Since then, efforts have been made to increase the use and improve the quality of the digital tools and services supporting telemedicine in wound management. This is an on-going process including continuous evaluation and development. We hope this webinar will provide answers to your questions about some of the challenges, benefits and possible approaches to implementation of a telemedicine programme in your own practice.  .    


  • Britta Ravn, RN, Head of the Telemedicine Center, Central Denmark Region
    • Presentation: The Danish model - Organisation of telemedicine in Denmark 
  • Klaus Kirketerp-Møller, MD, PHD, Bispebjerg Hospital and Steno Diabetes Center, Denmark: 
    • Presentation: Value of the digital tools: The experiences of the health care professional
  • Trine Rolighed Thomsen, Associate Professor, Danish Technological Institute and Aalborg University
    • Presentation: Increasing the value for patients and organisations – new tools and data collection

Moderators and panelists: 

  • Sebastian Probst, Professor in Wound Care, RN, DClinPrac, HESSO, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Western Switzerland
  • Luc Téot, MD, PhD, Head of Dept of Plastic Surgery, Burns, Wound Healing, Montpellier University Hospital, France


This webinar was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from: