Organisation of telemedicine in wound management - Care pathways & teams

The webinar was held live on: 7 October 2020

This webinar introduces some examples of telemedicine across Europe; in this case services currently in use in Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The speakers provides examples of different approaches, depending on national level health care structures, financing and traditions. Focus is on the care pathways and teamwork supported by the services.


  • Rut Öien (Blekinge Wound Healing Centre), introducing a service implemented in Sweden
  • Sebastian Probst (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland), introducing a service implemented in Switzerland
  • José Verdu Soriano (University of Alicante), introducing the HELCOS app used in Spain

The webinar was moderated by Sebatian Probst University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland) and Luc Teot (MD, Montpellier University Hospital). 

This webinar was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from: