Translational Research Group

Project period: 2022–ongoing


The main objectives of this group  are to: 

  • reinforce the position of EWMA as a wound healing community that brings together stakeholders involved in the development of wound care products
  • promote related education and translational research by acting as a discussion forum for innovation 
  • support the implementation of evidence based medicine and innovation in wound management
  • build a platform for networking and connecting people in wound management (researchers, industry, healthcare workers and patients)


Currently the group is planning a webinar (expected winter/spring 2023) with the preliminary title: Different Perspectives of Translational Research.


Group members

  • Alexandra Marques (Chair)
  • Dimitri Beeckman
  • Andrea Pokorná
  • Ewa K. Stuermer
  • Luc Téot

Why is translational research important for EWMA and the world?