New technologies for tissue replacement

Project period: 2020 - 2023

The project to reviews and highlights the new technologies for surgical management of chronic wounds that are currently on their way to the market.

The document gives a comprehensive overview of the current state of new technologies for tissue replacement. It targets wound care specialists with an interest in new therapies by bridging the increasing demand for surgical solutions with the adequate indications in the complex field of wound management.


    Document content - focus topics

    • Engineered tissues and cells
    • Dermal replacement devices and technologies
    • Bone replacement devices
    • Bone fixation and stabilization devices
    • Drug delivery systems
    • Surgical and endovascular devices for arterial repair
    • Venous and lymphatic surgery devices and technologies

      Author group

      • Alberto Piaggesi, Italy (Editor)
      • Franco Bassetto, Italy
      • Jean-Pierre Becquemin, France
      • Edwin den Braber, Denmark
      • Luca Dalla Paola, Italy
      • Alexandra Marques, Portugal 
      • Katherine Raspovic, USA
      • Carlotta Scarpa, Italy 
      • Luc Téot, France
      • Isotta Triolzi, Italy
      • Giuseppe Turchetti, Italy 

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