Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Guidance Document

Project period: 2014–2017

In 2007, EWMA published a Position Document on “Topical Negative Pressure in Wound Management”.

Since then, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) has developed considerably on aspects such as:

  • Several companies are now marketing NPWT devices, which has created a variety of brands unknown a few years ago
  • NPWT is increasingly being used in the treatment of wounds of various aetiologies
  • Portable devices have been introduced, which has opened up for the use of NPWT outside of the hospital, for instance in the home care setting

On this background, a EWMA NPWT Guidance Document has now been published and will be presented at the EWMA 2017 conference in Amsterdam.


To develop and publish a Guidance Document which as a minimum covers the following:

  • Inclusion of all three types of NPWT: on open wounds, with instillation and over closed incisions
  • Extensive coverage of specific factors and guidance in terms of treatment of wounds with different aetiologies and within different specialities
  • Organisation of NPWT with a focus on the cross-sectional possibilities and barriers including reim-bursement structures and implementation
  • Health economic aspects of the use of NPWT technology
  • Overview of evidence for the use of NPWT based on literature search


Author group

The working group is chaired by past President Jan Apelqvist (Sweden), co-chaired by Christian Willy (Germany) and  includes Ann-Mari Fagerdahl (Sweden), Malin Malmsjö (Sweden), Alberto Piaggesi (Italy), Marco Fraccalvieri (Italy), Astrid Probst (Germany) and Peter Vowden (UK).

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Project sponsors

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