The Impact of patient’s health and lifestyle factors on wound healing

Project period: 2020–ongoing

The adoption of positive lifestyle factors and prevention of risk factors for chronic illness generally contributes to enhanced wound healing. However, at present no publication provides a synthesis of the impact of such factors on wound prevention and healing outcomes.

Project aims

The objectives of this project are:

  • to provide a synthesis of current research on the impact of lifestyle factors and risk factors for chronic illness on wound healing
  • to create a comprehensive resource for health care professionals and patients on how to integrate different lifestyle factors into their wound management plan

Author group

Georgina Gethin (editor, Ireland)
Jaap van Netten (the Netherlands)
Sebastian Probst (Switzerland)
Luboš Sobotka (Czech Republic)
Evelien Touriany (Belgium)


The project will:

  • Develop a key document targeting wound management professionals, where the author group will systematically review the literature on lifestyle factors and risk factors for chronic illness and their influence on wound healing.
  • Identify areas of certainty and uncertainty and provide recommendations for future research.
  • Create a set of recommendations, tailored for both healthcare professionals and patients on how they may integrate different lifestyle factors and their implications for wound self-management.

Project sponsors

This project is supported by an unrestricted grant from: