Home Care-Wound Care

Project period: 2013–2014

The Home Care–Wound Care Document looks into the wound treatment being conducted in home care settings. The document provides an overview of the main approaches to the organisation of wound care within home care settings across Europe. It also underlines the importance, scope, and level of the appropriate skills and gives recommendations for the interdisciplinary set-up necessary in order to provide safe, high-quality care for wound patients and support for their families.

The document was presented during the EWMA-GNEAUPP 2014 Conference in Madrid: Friday, 16 May 2014, 08.00-09.30 at the Key Session Home Care Wound Care – What are the challenges, what can be done? A European Initiative by EWMA - see the session videos below. 


As the European population grows older and incidents of chronic diseases like diabetes or cerebrovascular disease increase, the care-dependency in Europe is increasing accordingly. The result is an exponential growth of health care costs.

As a consequence the management of non-healing wounds in Europe has gone through a dramatic shift in the location of service delivery from hospital towards home care settings. More wounds with complex pathological pictures due to untreated patient co-morbidities are thereby being treated at home.

There are no guidelines available covering the subject of home care wound management from a clinical perspective just as there are no recommendations of minimal requirement of providing best care and supporting the empowerment of informal carers and patients with non-healing wounds in the home-care setting.

With the Home Care Wound Care document EWMA describes recommendations and raise a debate of how to manage non-healing wounds at home. We believe that this is of crucial importance for healthcare professionals, -providers, companies and policy makers as there is a tendency in home care towards employment of non-registered nurses.

Translated versions, full document:

Czech Version (Translation by the Czech Wound Management Association, CSLR, and the Czech Ministry of Health)


German Version (Translation by the Swiss Wound Management Association, SAfW)


Home Care Wound Care Key Session at the 2014 EWMA Conference in Madrid

Translated document summaries

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The document was supported by an unrestricted grant from the following companies:

3M (KCI), Convatec, Essity (BSN Medical), Polymem, Flen Health (Flen Pharma), Lohmann & Rauscher, Nutricia and Welcare.