eHealth in wound care - From conception to implementation

Project period: 2012–2015

As a deliverable for the United4health project, EWMA has published a document on eHealth in wound care: "eHealth in Wound Care - Overview and Key Issues to Consider Before Implementation"

The document It is published as an online supplement by the Journal of Wound Care.

It is available for free download here

The document aims to support the wound care professionals’ interest and engagement in the development of eHealth solutions to benefit patients, health care professionals, and health care systems.

The document includes an introduction to terminology, a method for evaluation of eHealth solutions, an overview of available evidence, a discussion about the barriers and facilitators for the use of eHealth in wound care, and a road map for implementation in clinical practice.

The document is written in collaboration with the Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA).

Authors: Zena Moore (Chair, Ireland), Donna Angel (Australia), Knut Kröger (Germany), Bill McGuiness (Australia), Tom O’Conner (Ireland), Benjamin Schnack Brandt Rasmussen (Denmark), Knud Bonnet Yderstræde (Denmark)

Translated document summaries


eHealth in Wound Care

Since 2013 EWMA has dedicated ressources to the dicsussion about use of eHealth services in wound management. 

Our aim is to provide guidance and relevant information about how to evaluate and implement eHealth services that may contribute to improved wound management and patient quality of life.

We do so by following the organisations dedicated to exploring the general benefits and challenges related to implementation of eHealth services and supporting contact between indivicuals and organisations with experience and knowledge about eHealth in wound care.


The United4Health Project

Since 2013 EWMA has been partner in the EU supported United4Health project which aims to support large scale deployment of eHealth solutions in Europe.

Read more about EWMAs involvement in United4Health here

This parthership has enabled EWMA to work on an overview of the current use of eHealth solutions in wound care, and to focus on providing wound care clinicians with updated information about the opportunities and challenges related to implementation and large scale deployment of eHealth in wound care.

EWMAs dissemination activities related to eHealth in wound care are described in a report which is avaliable for download here:

Dissemination framework targeting health care professionals

You can also download a brief summary of the dissemination framework targeting health care professionals