The EWMA Central & Eastern European Leg Ulcer Project

Project period: 2007–2011 

The EWMA Leg Ulcer Project was implemented from 2008-2012 with the main objective of developing, implementing and evaluating an appropriate model of care for patients with leg ulceration.

Coordinated by former EWMA President, Prof. Dr. Peter J. Franks, the implementation of the project was carried out by local teams in study regions in the Czech Republic (Pardubice), Poland (Opole, Strzelce Opolski) and Slovenia (Dolenjska). Implementation took place in close cooperation with the national wound management associations of the respective countries.


Project team Czech Republic

The project was led by Dr. Milada Franců, President of the Czech Wound Management Association (CSLR). The project was coordinated by a group representing the CSLR and local wound care experts.

The study was undertaken in the Pardubice region which is a mixed rural/small town area with a population of approximately 155,000. The research nurse undertaking this project was Diana Hanzlikova.


Project team Poland

The project was led by Professor Zbigniew Rybak of the Polish Wound Management Association (PWMA)( The research was carried out by Dr. Grzegorz Krasowski and Dr. Jarosław Kalemba.

The study was undertaken in the city of Opole (approx population 127,000) and its rural surroundings including the town of Strzelce Opolskie (approx population 80,000).


Project team Slovenia

The project was led by the former of the Wound Management Association Slovenia (WMAS) president Vanja Vilar, RT; EN. It was coordinated by a group led by Dr. Sandi Luft, representing the Wound Management Association of Slovenia and local wound care experts.

Activities were carried out in the Dolenjska region in a mixed rural/small town area with a total population of approx. 139.000. The research nurse undertaking the project was Marta Gantar.


Project Activities

  • Elaboration of prevalence study
  • Estimate the outcome of care in the current system
  • Design of a new system of care including training programme
  • Implementation of the new system of care and advocacy for wound care reimbursement
  • Dissemination of project results at the annual EWMA conference and in international wound Journals

The EWMA Leg Ulcer Project was sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from ConvaTec.


Abstracts from EWMA Conferences about the project:

2010: EWMA project – leg ulcers in Slovenia: Implementation

2008: Implementation of a Leg Ulcer Strategy in Slovenia- Case identification