EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov

EWMA Compression Therapy Programme

Project period: 2019 - on-going

EWMA is currently working on a project aiming to investigate the use of compression therapy (CT) in venous leg ulcers (VLU) across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. This project proposal is based on reports from our network of national European wound management organisations, stating CT is generally not used according to available evidence and best practice recommendations. This means that 1) CT is often not introduced, although it could be of great benefit to the patient, 2) CT it is not used in the right way, or 3) that CT is introduced too late. This leads to suboptimal healing outcomes for patients with VLU or diabetic foot ulcers and represents a potential patient safety issue.


The group is currently working on a series of webinars which will present and discuss the potential challenges and opportunities of compression therapy. 

The first webinar was held on 27 May 2020 and can be watched on demand here

Project aims

The EWMA Compression Project aims to: 

  • Document the extent of the problem and create awareness about the current challenges related to suboptimal use of compression.
  • Identify quality improvement interventions to address these challenges in different health care contexts and national settings, and develop a programme theory and driver diagram supporting implementation (May include instructive tools supporting optimal use, e.g. educational videos targeting health care professionals).
  • Evaluate the need for, and potential format of, a European guideline on CT.

Project phases

EWMA proposes a 3-5-year project, aiming to scope and address the problems related to inadequate use of CT, as well as support implementation of best practice CT across Europe:

Phase 1: Development of an evidence-based quality improvement programme in the UK

Phase 2: Awareness & education programme targeting France and Germany

Phase 3: Awareness & education targeting Italy and Spain

Phase 4: Guideline development (May be initiated in parallel to phase 2-3)

Working group

Sue Bale (EWMA Council), UK

Mark Collier, (LUF) UK

Alison Hopkins (Accelerate CIC), UK

Sylvie Meaume (SFFPC), France

Christina Moffatt (ILF), UK

Elena Conde Montero (EWMA Council), Spain

Giovanni Mosti (ICC), Italy

Kerstin Protz (ICW), Germany

Ray Saimuriwo (TVS), UK

Jürg Traber, Switzerland (EWMA Education Committee)

José Verdu Soriano (GNEAUPP, EWMA Council), Spain

Project sponsors

This project is supported by an unrestricted grant from:


International partners

National associations