Atypical Wounds:
Best clinical practices and challenges

Author Group

Kirsi Isoherranen (Editor), Finland
Julie Jordan O'Brien (Co-editor), Ireland
Judith Barker, Australia
Joachim Dissemond Germany
Jûrg Hafner, Switzerland
Gregor Jemec, Denmark
Jivko Kamarachev, Switzerland
Severin Läuchli, Switzerland
Elena Conde Montero, Spain
Stephan Nobbe, Switzerland
Cord Sunderkötter, Germany
Mar Llamas Velasco, Spain


Project sponsors

This project is supported by an unrestricted grant from:


Translated versions

Finnish Version (Translation by the Finnish Wound Care Society, FWCS)

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Swedish summary (published by SSiS, SårMAGASINET nr 3 2020)