Journal of Wound Management

Welcome to the October 2021 issue of the Journal of Wound Management. Official journal of the European Wound Management Association

This issue of the Journal of Wound Management includes seven original manuscripts. the full issue can be accessed here: Journal of Wound Management. No 21, issue. 3, October 2021

Read the editorial by Journal Editor Professor Georgina Gethin  Collaboration and Co-operation
DOI: 10.35279/jowm202110.01

Scientific articles in this issue include:

  • Healthcare practitioners’ views on the assessment and management of pain in chronic lower limb wounds
    Frescos N, McGuiness W
    DOI: 10.35279/jowm202110.02

  • Deep vein insufficiency and the results of four-layer compression bandages in the treatment of venous ulcers: A retrospective study
    Garavello A, Franzvea P, Tozzi M, Gilardi S, Fiamma P
    DOI: 10.35279/jowm202110.03

  • Survey of physicians’ and nurses’ needs and expectations regarding a multidisciplinary wound clinic
    Majchrzak K, Bobbink P, Probst S
    DOI: 10.35279/jowm202110.04

  • Body image in head and neck cancer patients – Schilder‘s conceptual framework revisited
    Nokaneng EN
    DOI: 10.35279/jowm202110.05

  • Case series exploring the healing effects of goat product consumption
    Russell-Murray KM, Jones PL
    DOI: 10.35279/jowm202110.06

  • Multi-centre study demonstrating safety and efficacy of an upgraded sNPWT system on closed surgical wounds
    Karlakki SL, Evans JR, Booth SP, Wong JKF, Wilson L, Jeffrey SLA, Makhija R, Harder Y, McNamara I, Reed M, Barnes DE, Megginson S, Gilchrist B
    DOI: 10.35279/jowm202110.07

  • A community-based approach to the prevention of pressure injuries: A study supported by the European Wound Management Association Research Grant
    Çakar V, Karadağ A
    DOI: 10.35279/jowm202110.08

Supplement to JOWM 2021 October issue:

  • Wound management curriculum for student nurses - EQF level 4
    Lindahl E, Holloway S, Bobbink P, Gryson L, Pokorná A, Ousey K, Samuriwo R, Pancorbo Hidalgo PL
    DOI: 10.35279/jowm202110.Supp01


Supplement to Journal of Wound Management October 2021