The text of the manuscript should be divided into the following sections with headings: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Implication for clinical practice.Longer articles may be further divided with appropriate subheadings. At the end of the paper there should be a box listing Implications for Clinical Practice and Further Research drawn from the study discussion and conclusions as shown in the example below:  Implications for Clinical Practice

  • Patients need to understand the frequency of dressing change before the treatment is commenced
  • Dressing change is time consuming when using this product
  • The skin is likely to look red at first dressing change, but this has no clinical significance

Further Research

  • Future research could investigate the use of this product under compression bandages
  • There is a need to explore other methods of providing patient information in relation to research studies in wound care

If your manuscript deals with specific products or companies, please replace the commercial name with a generic term. The specific product and company should be provided in a footnote.