EWMA Podcast: After COVID-19 – how did the crisis change wound management across Europe?


    In this episode, you can listen to a conversation between EWMA Podcast host Samantha Holloway and two prominent figures in the field of wound management; Professor Christine Moffatt and Professor Alberto Piaggesi. The major question addressed in this episode is how did the crisis change wound management across Europe? Thus, the episode takes on the contemporary crisis of Covid-19 and the pandemic’s effects not only on wound management specifically but health care systems more generally. While Covid-19 has proved a disruption to most health care systems providing them with an opportunity to innovate the pandemic has also meant negative and severe consequences for wound patients. The podcast provides an overview of the recent challenges, outcomes and knowledge produced in the still ongoing global pandemic.


    By listening to this episode, you will learn about:

    • How the Covid-19 pandemic impacted wound management and health care in general.
    • How those impact varied across different European contexts.
    • What the positive and negative outcomes of the crisis have been.
    • Other topics discussed include but are not limited to telemedicine and self-care.


    Podcast host:

    Samantha Holloway, Reader and Programme Director in the Centre for Medical Education, School of Medicine based at the College of Life and Biomedical Sciences at Cardiff University in the UK


    Podcast guest:

    Alberto Piaggesi, MD, Professor, Endocrinologist, EWMA immediate past president Professor and Director of the Diabetic Foot Section of the Pisa University Hospital, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Pisa, Italy


    Podcast guest:

    Christine Moffatt, PhD, Professor of Clinical Nursing Research at the University of Nottingham School of Health Sciences

    Interested in additional perspectives on the challenges of wound management during Covid-19?

    Several of the themes discussed in the podcast has been treated previously. Below we offer some suggestions on additional material, that you might find of interest.

    eHealth & Telemedicine

    In light of the increased need to be able to manage patients on distance, caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns, EWMA has decided to focus on supporting the implementation of telemedicine and telehealth services in wound management. 

    View EWMA's e-healt and telemedicine project here

    EWMA Council Member, Luc Teot has written an article on the Telemedicine and Opportunities in Wound Care. An Overview of Solutions for Beginners. According to Teot, “Telemedicine should be considered as the best way to prevent contamination during COVID-19 outbreak and provide the relevant care to chronic wound patients”. 

    In France, telemedicine was included in the public health code in October 2010. In this article, Luc Teot shares the French experience with implementing telemedicine in wound care and discusses some challenges and solutions in details.