EWMA Podcast: Changes in wound management since the establishment of EWMA in 1991


    In this episode, you can listen to a conversation between EWMA Podcast Host Samantha Holloway and two key figures in wound healing coming out of Scandinavia; Professor Finn Gottrup and Professor Jan Apelqvist. The discussion initiates this season's focus on the historical development of EWMA since its inception in 1991. The major question addressed in this episode is what has changed in wound management since EWMA was established 30 years ago? The podcast provides and overview of the tremendous change the discipline of wound healing and management has went through since the foundation of EWMA.


    By listening to this episode, you will learn about:

    • Changes within EWMA over the last 30 years.
    • Historical developments within the field of wound management.
    • Future perspectives on wound healing practice, politics and education. 


    Podcast host:

    Samantha Holloway, Reader and Programme Director in the Centre for Medical Education, School of Medicine based at the College of Life and Biomedical Sciences at Cardiff University in the UK.


    Podcast guest:

    Jan Apelqvist, MD, Associate Professor Department of Endocrinology University Hospital of Skåne, Malmö, and Division for Clinical Sciences University of Lund.


    Podcast guest:

    Finn Gottrup, MD, Professor of Surgery, founder of Knowledge Centre of Wound Healing at Bispebjerg Hospital and the Wound Centre at Odense University Hospital.