EWMA Podcasts: Preventing diabetic foot ulcers


Listen to this episode and dive into the recent trends and developments linked to the prevention of diabetic foot ulceration. Jaap van Netten (Netherlands), Peter Lazzarini (Australia) and Samantha Holloway (UK) talk about key elements in supporting the prevention of diabetic foot ulcer and keeping patients with ulcers in remission. You can also learn more about how you can create positive goals together with your DFU patients, where you can celebrate not only ulcer healing but also increased mobility and remission after an ulcer have been healed.


By listening to this episode, you will learn about:

  • Key elements that support the prevention of the diabetic foot ulcer as reflected in the current IWGDF guidelines
  • The reason why ulcer prevention is an underexposed area of research and what can be done to change it
  • The main barriers in clinical practice in prioritising ulcer prevention
  • A paradigm shift towards personalised medicine in the prevention of diabetic foot disease
  • How non-specialist healthcare professionals can engage in the prevention of diabetic foot ulcer
  • Self-care practices for diabetic foot prevention and how can technology help the patients and clinicians with this task
  • What is the role of the associations and colleagues in the industry in setting the focus on ulcer prevention



Jaap van Netten, Senior Researcher at the Department of Rehabilitation, Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Secretary of the editorial board and the prevention working group, IWGDF guidelines



Peter Lazzarini, Principal Research Fellow with Queensland Health and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia; President of the Diabetic Foot Australia