EWMA Podcasts: Atypical Wounds

Host: Samantha Holloway, Member of the EWMA Education Committee Chair, Teacher Network. (CV)

Guest: Kirsi Isoherranen, EWMA Council member, Specialist in Dermatology, HUS Helsinki Wound Healing Centre in Finland. (CV)


Important notes from EP04 on Atypical Wounds

By listening to this episode you can learn more about:

  • how to define atypical wounds;
  • an algorithm to aid clinicians in assessing atypical wounds in a systematic way;
  • important tips when assessing and examining a possible atypical wound.

EWMA Document on Atypical Wounds

This episode is rooted in the EWMA's recent document on Atypical Wounds. Follow this link to access the document.

EWMA Masterclass 2020 on Atypical Wounds

In this podcast, Kirsi Isoherranen mentions the EWMA masterclass on Atypical wounds, which will be hosted on 12 May 2020 in London, one day before the EWMA conference. This masterclass will provide a comprehensive deep dive into atypical wounds. It will also touch upon practical advice on some of the challenges that typically arise when diagnosing and treating these types of wounds. It will also have a  special focus on small vessel pathology, including Martorell Hypertensive ulcer and calciphylaxis and occlusive vasculopathies. 

Follow this link to learn more about the masterclass and register for it. 

Dos and dont's

Kirsi Isoherranen outlined in the podcast dos and dont's regarding the management of atypical wounds that the listeners should remember:

  • Do not wait too long if there is a suspicion that the wound is atypical.
  • Send the patient very fast to a specialist.
  • Do not debride a necrotic wound if you are not sure about the diagnosis.
  • Remember after the exact diagnosis, the best management of atypical wound takes place within a multidisciplinary team.